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Admission Rules

  • No admission refunds

  • No back packs or coolers allowed on the grounds

  • No pets allowed on the grounds

  • All bags and strollers, etc. may be checked for alcohol

  • Intoxicated persons will not be allowed to enter

  • Intoxicated and unruly patrons will be removed by security – anyone fighting will be expelled with no re-entry

  • No underage drinking. Any minors caught drinking on the premises will be expelled with no re-entry

  • Zero (0) tolerance for disrespect of people or property

Bar/Main Hall Rules

  • Ticket sales stop at 12:30am

  • No drinks served after 1:00 am

  • Anyone fighting will be expelled and no re-entry (bracelets removed)

  • No tolerance intoxication code with expulsion and bracelet removed

  • Permission will be given to the Sureté du Québec and Security Company to remove anyone fighting as well as minors caught consuming alcohol

Camp Ground Rules

  • Please respect all campers

  • No open fires will be permitted within the Ladysmith Oktoberfest designated camping area

  • Unruly campers will be asked to leave

  • Tents for sleeping purposes only

  • Reserving your camping spot:

    • First come first serve. No removing pegs/ropes in an area that has been pegged/roped off.

    • No reserving spots before September 21st

    • Oktoberfest Ladysmith has the right to remove any pegs/ropes due to maintenance and grass cutting

    • Please limit your use of space to allow for your camper, awning and one vehicle

    • Respect designated road areas

    • No Fireworks

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