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Thanks to our 2023 Sponsors
Our event would not be as successful without the help of the following individuals and organizations.


Since 1985,
Oktoberfest Ladysmith has donated over $345,000 back into the community.
Below are the 2018 donations. 

Autism - $50
Dr S E McDowell School - $250
Fire/Tornado Victims- $1,500
Friends of St Joseph - $10,000
Lions Country Jamboree - $200
Parkinson Walk- $100
Pontiac Agriculture Society - $250
Pontiac Artist Tour Studio - $60
Pontiac High School- $1,500
Pontiac High School Bursaries - $500
Pontiac Scholarship Fund - $250
Royal Canadian Legion- $45
Thorne Community Recreation Association (TCRA)- $10,100
Thorne Fire Department- $5,000
Thorne Notice Board - $250
Victoria Quilts- $100
Villa James Shaw - $1,500
TOTAL $31,655

Ahmad Hassan Pharmacy
Bretzlaff Store
Hotel Ladysmith
Joanne’s Valu Mart

Donald S. Hodgins

Pontiac Agriculture Society

Giant Tiger Shawville

Randy Labadie Financial Services

K & L Dairy Products

Mountainview Turf

The Lions Club of Shawville

Andre Fortin MNA
Promutuel Assurance
W J Hayes & Sons
W.A. Hodgins Store

F.H. Rowat Insurance

Special thanks to the following for the use of their properties:

Andre Chartrand Jr
Ebert and Hazel Turcotte
Wally and Gerda Bretzlaff
Laynard and Marlene Pasch

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